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quux collective is a new music ensemble based in Richmond, VA. The group's members are classically trained musicians who perform music on saxophones, percussion, bassoon, bass, electronics, clarinet, didgeridoo, theremin, etc.


Performances involve a mix of original and arranged material, as well as music by other composers for acoustic and electroacoustic instrumentation. Each performance includes pieces that vary in style from experimental to world music to standard classical works arranged in our own unique way.


Since forming in 2007, quux collective has performed in a wide variety of venues, including Longwood University's Molnar Recital Hall, Amsterdam's (The Netherlands) CREA, Swift Creek Mill Theatre, Virginia Commonwealth University, and local Richmond venues such as art6, The Camel and Black Hand Coffee Co.


Sheri Oyan: saxophone

Roland Karnatz: Kyma, clarinet, didgeridoo, theremin

Brian Cruse: bass

Ivy Haga: bassoon

James Oyan: percussion


Nick Oyler: percussion

Paul Deiss: piano, vocals

Ed Fraedrich: saxophone

Steve Bider: saxophone

Jason Scott: saxophone

Wesley Taylor: saxophone


©2019 quux collective.

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